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Semiotext(e) (Volume 2, quantity three) - Anti-Oedipus: From Psychoanalysis to Schizopolitics

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Translator's note} . L 44 Analysis in Power A Few Foucauldian Theses JOHN RAJCHMAN QUESTIONS OF MADNESS "Whoever wants to, does not go mad" - Jacques Lacan as a young psychiatrist A nti-Oedipus intervenes in that relatively modern, principally post-war struggle, the politics of madness. But its analysis is distinb'Uished in several respects from Anglo-American anti-psychiatry which first politicized the question of madness on the basis of that post-war ideology par excellence, existentialism. First, what it attacks�the operation of "Oedipalization"-is both larger in scope and different in kind from the notions of psychiatric power and alienation in which anti-psychiatry located its struggle.

2) To distinguish the pre-conscious cathexes of interest. The molar constellations are not pure inertia, but are constituted by the social invest­ ments. The attachment to a social class refers back to one's role in pro­ duction or antiproduction . There is thus a cathexis of interest which bears on the regime of social syntheses according to the place one occupies within the apparatus. But this cathexis is distinct from the libidinal cathexis which can lead just as easily to the desire for a new soCial body as to the social body in existence.

Not simply is there throughout the book an uncritical , illegitimate , and simply imprecise use of this terminology , but it is evident that their principal theses (which rely on the entire analytic theoretical arsenal: unconscious, desire, partial object, etc. ) cannot be stated in other terms. To take the most flagrant example of all, it is not at all innocent to make as the principle of the analysis of society the question of desire and not that of pleasure. But the problem is basically one of the function of the knowledge they propose to offer.

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