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By James M. Powell

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James M. Powell right here deals a brand new interpretation of the 5th Crusade's historic and social impression, and a richly lucrative view of existence within the 13th century. Powell addresses such questions because the measure of well known curiosity within the crusades, the spiritual weather of the interval, the social constitution of the club of the campaign, and the consequences of the recruitment attempt at the consequence.

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Martial. "8 Historians have generally taken these charges at face value, or at most discounted them as exaggeration, but they have failed to em- Brought to you by | New York University Bobst Library Authenticated Download Date | 2/11/15 12:55 AM 36 Anatomy of a Crusade phasize the myopic quality of the charges, which often showed little concern for the great issues that engaged popes and kings. Nevertheless, the complaints of these chronicles are real, whatever the limitations of their authors.

In particular, the pope could not have asked for a more meticulous servant with respect to the crusade. 5 These facts suggest that, whatever shortcomings Robert had, the effectiveness of his legation cannot be judged by a simple yardstick of success or failure. Robert Courcpn's work was preparatory to the Fourth Lateran Council. It involved the reform of the church, the establishment of peace, and the promotion of the crusade. These three areas were, in fact, closely related to one another. Both the reform of the church and the papal pacification program were of vital importance to the ultimate success of the crusade: the first by preparing the Christian community to be a worthy receptacle of divine favor, and the second by removing a serious impediment to the recruitment of crusaders.

8 Quia maior functioned to explain Innocent's crusade program to the Christian community as a whole, but the chief means for accomplishing this goal was to be through its incorporation into the preaching of the crusade procurators, for whom it served as a guide. For this reason, Quia maior deserves careful consideration, both in terms of its synthesis of the ideology of the crusade movement and its detailed presentation of the preliminary plan for the new crusade. Innocent touches virtually all of the chords that connected the crusade movement to the religious currents of the age.

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