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By Paulo Cesar Sandler

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Within the final years of his lifestyles Bion amassed strange manuscripts handwritten in his tidy lettering that assumed the shape of a trilogy. Finely typed and edited via his devoted spouse, they have been named "A Memoir of the Future". a few of the issues of this booklet have been already obtrusive in Transformations and Attention and Interpretation. those prior books supply some of the theories whose functional counterpart eventually came across a kind within the trilogy: as Bion himself famous, "the standards for a psychoanalytic paper are that it may stimulate within the reader the emotional event that the author intends, that its strength to stimulate may be sturdy, and that the emotional event hence prompted could be a correct illustration of the psychoanalytic adventure that encouraged the author in first place." was once Bion precise to his note? it's probably left to the reader to reply to this query. those books are an try and point out the view that Bion’s try was once to provide the burning flame itself – instead of featuring static pictures of the fireplace.

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By the time he entered the senior school he had adapted well, joined the “enemy” and enjoyed the next five years. He always said that what saved him was his large size, physical strength and athletic ability. [F. Bion, 1995] Twelve years later, wholly moved by unconscious personal wishes— in his later parlance, desire—the adolescent Wilfred Bion literally waged a particular war in order to enlist in the British Army to fight against Germans. A novel weapon surrounded with secrecy fascinated him: the mammoth-sized, bestial contraption made of steel, called “tank”.

With the Trilogy Bion momentarily brushes aside—but in no way makes obsolete—a large number of his former theoretical verbal formulations, despite the fact that it encircles exactly the same issues. Namely: psychic reality; truth and the scientific approach in psychoanalysis; human mental development and involution, from the dominance of the principle of pleasure–displeasure to the inception of the principle of reality; disturbances in the apparatus of human perception and thought; Oedipus—female and male emotional characteristics and the result of their coupling; and dream formation and interpretation.

Wealth, admiration, honour may mark already existing achievements but are a poison when used as a substitute for the qualities which they are supposed to mark … Christmas released a delayed, hectic, hysterical excitement of celebration. “Everyone suddenly burst out singing,” wrote Siegfried Sassoon. Our singing had alcoholic overtones; there were too many missing faces. The jubilation of the winning footballers was not greatly different from the jubilation of those who had survived fighting. Keep the men occupied: sport, trophies, homes “fit for heroes to live in”, anything to hold at bay the dark and sombre world of thought.

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