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By L. Robert, T. Fulop, T. Fulop

ISBN-10: 3318026522

ISBN-13: 9783318026528

Getting older encouraged a great number of theories attempting to rationalize the getting older technique universal to all residing beings. during this ebook crucial environmental and intrinsic mechanisms excited about the getting older strategy and in its pathological results are reviewed. in addition theoretical and experimental proof of an important theoretical components in response to Darwinian evolution, mobile getting older, function of cellphone membranes, loose radicals and oxidative methods, receptor-mediated reactions, the extracellular matrix and immune features in addition to an important environmental and intrinsic mechanisms focused on the getting older procedure and in its pathological results are mentioned. those displays of theories and similar experimental evidence provide a world evaluation of contemporary recommendations of the biology of the getting older strategy and are of crucial analyzing not just for experts during this box but in addition for practitioners of medical, clinical, social and experimental sciences.

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5–1 kb shorter than females in every tissue examined. The data suggested that telomere lengths may decrease due to factors other than the end replication problem during cell division [75]. Chicken telomeres resemble human telomeres in length, but the distribution of telomerase activity is present in the germ line as well as in a wide variety of 30 Macieira-Coelho Robert L, Fulop T (eds): Aging: Facts and Theories. Interdiscipl Top Gerontol. 1159/000358898 somatic tissues as in mice [76]. It is well known that chicken fibroblasts have a finite proliferation span and contrary to mice exhibit extremely low rates of spontaneous immortalization.

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