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Palme var en talekonstens mästare. Här presenteras ett nytt urval av Olof Palmes tal och texter. Här finns hans klassiska tal, males också sådana som inte publicerats tidigare och som breddar bilden av Olof Palmes politiska gärning. Olof Palme är en av det svenska 1900-talets centrala politiska gestalter.

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In politics, utopians do not need a monopoly on mind's eye. Even the main conservative defenses of the established order, Raymond Geuss argues, require innovative acts of a few type. during this choice of contemporary essays, together with his such a lot brazenly political writing but, Geuss explores the position of mind's eye in politics, rather how ingenious constructs have interaction with political truth.

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An exam of the early Soviet interval of the Russian (Soviet) Academy of Sciences which specializes in the reactions of person individuals of the academy to the recent state of affairs within which they discovered themselves after October 1917. according to the broad use of records from the documents of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the writer discusses how the academicians justified their cooperation with the Bolsheviks and the ideological foundation of the regime's coverage in the direction of the academy within the Nineteen Twenties.

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Regulation was seen as essential to prevent unprecedented manipulative power falling into the hands of anyone interest. State control alone could secure political coverage which is 'impartial' between major parties and responsibly exercised in 'the public interest'. Second, broadcast media initially required the rationing of scarce radio and TV wavelengths, which were seen as 'owned' by the state rather than by individuals. These arguments have declined in significance, since there is as yet no compelling research evidence to suggest that the broadcast media are more politically influential than newspapers, whilst the technological limitations on the number of broadcasting stations have become less restrictive.

On the contrary, the US Constitution has benefited minorities in ways which allowed them to obstruct majorities, and provided mechanisms which supported the oppression of a minority of blacks by the white majority. In addition, the balance of powers between the institutions of representative government has varied within very broad limits, and in ways which do not appear to have been dictated by constitutional provisions. For example, in the 1960s the US Congress failed to exercise many of its powers to scrutinize the actions of the President and the executive branch.

For example, if voters' views are arranged along a single left-right ideological spectrum (as Downs assumed they could be), the median voter is the person with as many people holding more right-wing views than him/her as the number holding more left-wing views. If voters order their views along two or more dimensions, the median voter is still the person in the middle of the available positions. On certain assumptions the median voter's position may be the best single representation of what a majority of citizens want.

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