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By L. Agosta

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A rumor of empathy in vicarious receptivity, realizing, interpretation, narrative, and empathic intersubjectivity turns into the scandal of empathy in Lipps and Strachey. but while the entire philosophical arguments and different types are entire and the entire hermeneutic circles spun out, we're without difficulty within the presence of one other person.

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According to Herder, in order to deliver an adequate translation, the translator must think and feel himself into— empathize into [sichhineinfühlen]—the world of the author or historical figure. , Herder as cited in Sauder 2009: 319): Feeling is the first, the most profound, and almost the only sense of mankind; the source of most of our concepts and sensations; the true, and the first, organ of the soul for gathering representations from outside it . . The soul feels itself into the world [sichhineinfühlen].

One is not interested in people’s opinion as to whether the bloom is off the rose. , sensation, and attending solely to the formal peculiarities of his representation. (1790/93b: 174; §40 [AA 294]) The imagination enlarges our thinking by comparing what is possible in our thinking rather than what is contingent. Enlarged thinking points to empathic possibility as such. Such thinking is not merely utilitarian, narrowly engaged with moral issues of approval or disapproval, or limited to the charm of social banter.

This constant habit of surveying ourselves, as it were, in reflection, keeps alive all the sentiments of right and wrong, and begets, in noble natures, a certain reverence for themselves as well as others, which is the surest guardian of every virtue. (1739: 96) How does one live as a possibility in the eyes of the community—in the empathic understanding—of others? We consider how our conduct “appears in the eyes of those who . . ” How does one live in the eyes of the community as a possibility?

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