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By Cem Behar

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Combining the shiny and colourful aspect of a micro-history with a much wider old standpoint, this groundbreaking learn appears to be like on the city and social historical past of a small local neighborhood (a mahalle) of Ottoman Istanbul, the Kasap Iùlyas. Drawing on highly wealthy historic documentation beginning within the early 16th century, Cem Behar makes a speciality of how the Kasap Iùlyas mahalle got here to reflect many of the overarching problems with the capital urban of the Ottoman Empire. additionally thought of are different matters principal to the historiography of towns, resembling rural migration and concrete integration of migrants, together with avenues for pro integration and the cohesion networks migrants shaped, and the function of ancient guilds and non-guild hard work, the ancestor of the "informal" or "marginal" area stumbled on this day in much less built international locations.

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In the 1885 census, the non-Muslim population of the neighborhood was registered in a separate roster, which is unfortunately lost. As to the 1907 census, there is only one basic roster that contains both the Muslim and the non-Muslim inhabitants of the neighborhood. In 1885, the Kasap ƒlyas mahalle had 925 registered Muslim inhabitants and, in 1907, a total of 1,160 inhabitants, 1,039 of which were Muslim. Other Written Sources Quantitative data and sources for the pre-nineteenth-century Istanbul population are difficult to come by.

His intention was to rally the various Janissary corps stationed in Istanbul and to convince them to join him in order to overtrow his father. The attempt was not crowned with success and it was Selim, later nicknamed “The Grim,” who finally mounted the Ottoman throne. 20 That is hardly surprising for, in all military and political logic, he needed a wharf that was both well-known to navigators and was not too centrally situated. It can be surmised that, had Prince Korkut’s political gamble succeeded, the fortunes of the small and secondary Davudpaœa wharf and of the mahalles in its environs might well have received an economic and political boost.

The infidels called it the Agios Emilianos wharf. Part of the Muslim army had already used it as a landing place during the two-month long siege of Constantinople. This wharf was the nearest sea access to his portion of the city. ƒlyas had then looked at the area in and around the city walls bordering on the sea of Marmara and he had chosen the best place to build his mosque: not too close to the sea and the city walls, but not too high up the hill either, a plot of land bordering on the small side road that led from the Forum Bovis of the infidels to the city walls near the Seven Towers.

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