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A word list of united kingdom executive and Politics is a convenient reference consultant to the occasions, team of workers, rules and associations proper to the govt. and politics of the uk. It encompasses a sequence of authoritative definitions and causes and sharp vignettes of a few of the major characters who've graced the political scene lately. it really is perfect for college kids who stumble upon references that are new to them and on which they wish or want to know extra. The entries are available and plausible, but sufficiently informative, supplying easy information and anything extra when it comes to interpretation and perception into uncomplicated arguments and present controversies.

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Cold War A term which refers to the state of constant rivalry, suspicion and sometimes extreme tension in the post1945 era between the communist countries of Eastern Europe (which were under the controlling influence of the Soviet Union) and the Western nations (led by the United States). The Cold War began in 1947, peaked at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 and was finally ended by the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the subsequent breakdown of the Soviet system and the establishment of new democracies such as those of Hungary and Poland.

See also: Cabinet committee, Cabinet government, Cabinet Office, presidential government, prime ministerial government Further reading: R. Crossman, in an introduction to a re-issue of W. Bagehot, The English Constitution, Fontana, 1963; P. Gordon Walker, The Cabinet, Cape, 1970; P. Hennessy on Butler, as reported in The Guardian, 28 February 2005 Cabinet committee Cabinet committees existed in an unsystematic form in the nineteenth century but it was the impact of two world wars and the rapid expansion of governmental activity in the post-1945 era that created the present committee structure.

Between 1940 and 1945, his power was enormous. After 1951, he placed much greater emphasis upon more collective decision-making in Cabinet. Further reading: R. Rhodes James, Winston Churchill: A Study in Failure, Penguin, 1973 citizen A person registered or naturalised as a member of a state or political community and thereby accorded the legal rights and duties flowing from membership. Unlike subjects, citizens are related to the state as equals and their freedoms are established in law. Reflecting the traditions of ancient Greece and Rome, they enjoy the rights – or arguably have the duties – of participation in political and social life.

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