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Across the centuries, the advance and development of mathematical innovations were strongly prompted by means of the wishes of mechanics. Vector algebra used to be constructed to explain the equilibrium of strength structures and originated from Stevin's experiments (1548-1620). Vector research used to be then brought to check pace fields and strength fields. Classical dynamics required the differential calculus built via Newton (1687). however, the concept that of particle acceleration used to be the start line for introducing a established spacetime. instant speed concerned the set of particle positions in house. Vector algebra conception used to be now not enough to check different velocities of a particle during time. there has been a necessity to (parallel) delivery those velocities at a unmarried aspect prior to any vector algebraic operation. the fitting mathematical constitution for this shipping used to be the relationship. I The Euclidean connection derived from the metric tensor of the referential physique used to be the single connection utilized in mechanics for over centuries. Then, significant steps within the evolution of spacetime ideas have been made via Einstein in 1905 (special relativity) and 1915 (general relativity) by utilizing Riemannian connection. a bit of later, nonrelativistic spacetime consisting of the most gains of normal relativity I It took approximately one and a part centuries for connection thought to be permitted as an self sufficient thought in arithmetic. significant steps for the relationship thought are attributed to a chain of findings: Riemann 1854, Christoffel 1869, Ricci 1888, Levi-Civita 1917, WeyJ 1918, Cartan 1923, Eshermann 1950.

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For thermics, the boundary heat action may then be written as follows: { JaB WH = ( JaB ho(Jq )· For mechanics, the basic idea is to assume first a vector-valued 2-form field as the boundary mechanical flux We. Then the boundary mechanical action may be also decomposed as: { JaB We = t{ i=l JaB ei ® w~ = t( i=! JaB ei ® ho(p~). 3 Existence of (second-order) stress tensor The main consequence of the assumption of the existence of a 2-form boundary action is the existence of a stress tensor field.

1. The first class contains deformations (a) only for which the vector basis is embedded in the material so that [uaO, UbO] = O. , [130]. This case corresponds to the well-known material description of large strain elasticity. 2. The second class contains deformations (a) combined with (b) for which the affine equivalence of B with the Euclidean ambient space may be destroyed. 39) The constants of the structure ~Oab characterize the "irreversible" part of deformation (distortion) compared to a strongly continuous transformation for which these coefficients remain null if they were initially chosen null.

Let W be a 2-fonn field on the continuum B. The exterior derivative of W is calculated as follows, when projected onto the tangent basis (UI, U2, U3): W23 W u2 /\ u 3 + W31 u 3 /\ u l + WI2 ul /\ u2 UI[W(U2, U3)]- U2[W(UI, U3)] + U3[W(UI, U2)] W([UI, U2], U3) + W([UI, U3], U2) - W([U2, U3], UI) in which we have: [UI, U2] = [U2 , U3] [U3, ull ~612UI ~623UI ~631 UI + + + ~612U2 ~623U2 ~631 U2 + + + ~~12U3 ~~23U3 ~~31 U3 · We easily obtain in component fonn the exterior derivative on the tangent basis: dw(uI, U2, U3) = UI (Wz3) + U2 (W3J) + U3 (W12) + W23 (~621 + ~~31) + W31 (~~31 + ~612) + WI2 (~613 + ~623 ) .

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