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By Sara Murphy, Huguette Glowinski, Zita M. Marks

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Jacques Lacan (1901-81) used to be probably the most unique and debatable thinkers of the post-war interval. His principles had a profound impression at the highbrow activities of his time and his paintings is of constant value to a variety of disciplines: psychoanaytic thought and perform, literary feedback, severe social thought, linguistics, cinemma, paintings feedback and political technological know-how. This identify goals to provide a transparent and important exposition on a few forty key phrases. each one access outlines the assumption, finding it inside Lacanian discourse, and the evolution of the time period in the improvement of Lacan's principles. an inventory of references is equipped on the finish of every access.

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This introduces the dimension of the object a and of plus-de-jouir- referring both to what is lost and what is gained of jouissance. The object a is materialized in the partial objects of the breast, the faeces, the voice and the gaze, which are 'parts of the body', cut from the body, through the operation of the signifier. See also: imaginary, jouissance, mirror stage, object a, symbolic. References Lacan, J. (1970) 'Radiophonie', Scilicet, 2(3), pp. 55-98. Lacan, J. (1975) [1972-73] Le Séminaire, Livre XX: Encore (éd.

Lacan, J. (1991) [1969-70] Le Séminaire, Livre XVII, Uenvers de la psychanalyse. Paris: Seuil. Katrien Libbrecht Borromean Knot The Borromean knot, a figure developed and reformulated at different moments of theorizing, allows Lacan to conceptualize and illustrate that the registers the Imaginary, the Symbolic and the Real are linked, but interdependently so. That is, the registers are linked conceptually in such a way, that if one is interrupted, undone or collapses, all three are affected. The structure of the knot implies as well that the three terms are not hierarchically arranged, therefore one register does not assume a priority over the other, 'there is no privileged point and the chain is strictly homogenous' (Lacan, 1998, p.

Unidirectional) flow of language: 'it is not quite exact to say that it is a simple line, it is more probably a set of several lines, a stave' (p. 54). By 1957, however, in 'The agency of the letter', he came to ascribe the formulation of the algorithm S/s to Saussure: '... ' {Écrits, p. 149). In the same essay, he also pays tribute to Jakobson, in particular to his seminal text, 'The fundamentals of language', which had only recently been published (1956), and which seems to have been the subject of frequent discussion between Lacan and Jakobson (see notes 6 and 20 following the chapter in Écrits).

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